Kathy Aldous

Kathy Aldous lives on 45 acres in the Municipality of West Hants where she grows and preserves an annual supply of vegetables and berries for her family.  As the Health Program Coordinator for the Hants Shore Community Health Centre, she initiated the vegetable garden and healthy lunch program at Dr. Arthur Hines Elementary School in 2004.  As a member and partner of Slow Food NS, she participated in documenting the school garden story in the video “The Edible Schoolyard”.   In 2012, she took the position of Active Living Coordinator with the Municipality of West Hants and participated in the creation of the No Boundaries Community Garden.  Kathy credits her father and grandfather for passing on their love of gardening and continues to find gardening, and then cooking with the fresh produce, to be the most rewarding and relaxing of past times.

Peter Andrée

Peter Andrée is Associate Professor of Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa. He is author of Genetically Modified Diplomacy: The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment, published by University of British Columbia Press in 2007. He is currently co-chair of the Policy Working Group of the Activating Change Together for Community Food Security participatory research project headed by Dr. Patty Williams of Mount Saint Vincent University.

Larry Baxter

Larry Baxter is  a member of the Education and Training Working Group for Activating Change Together for Community Food Security and is the former chair of the Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS.

Linda Best

Linda Best grew up on a mixed farm in Somerset, NS. She has been involved with health – as a Medical Microbiologist, Researcher, and as a Director of the Capital District Health Authority – since graduating from Acadia. She operated a pick-your-own apple orchard for ten years on weekends while working at the hospital. She founded Frame Plus Art which grew to include three stores, a production facility, and ten employees. Ten years ago she moved back to the Valley and began to be concerned about the decreasing number of farms throughout the Province. Knowing that good food is crucial for health and realizing that food production is a key to developing the rural economy, she helped establish Friends of Agriculture and is a founding member and Secretary of FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited. FarmWorks is a Community Economic Development Investment Co-operative that provides funding for farmers and food producers across Nova Scotia.

Sheila Bird

Sheila Bird is a population health promoter with Public Health Services and a dedicated volunteer and community member of Eastern Shelburne County. She has been an advocate for health equity and community food security through her work on the Advocating Change Together for Community Food Security Research project as an active board member for the Shelburne Farmers Market, and co-founder of a grassroots movement for social change around food called Shelburne Grows. Sheila’s work includes community development engagement and mobilization initiatives and working in partnership with local, provincial and national partners for better public health policy. Sheila believes in creating healthy, vibrant communities where there is self-reliance and social justice for everyone through working together meaningfully, engaging the diversity within, and building on the possibilities of growth.

Ginny Boudreau

Ginny Boudreau is the 13-year veteran manager for the Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen’s Association based in Canso and covering a very large geographic area. She wears many hats representing the 400 + multi-species, inshore/midshore, small boat fishermen on local, municipal, provincial and federal committees and boards for all multi-species and industry-related issues, applying for and managing the finances,  a multitude of marine science research projects, coordinating all industry and business training, assisting with  and coordinating market development – quality/ branding/ certification – for various species.

Brian Braganza

Brian Braganza is co-founder of the Bridgewater Community Christmas and helped start the Bridgewater Community Garden Network. Brian is an opportunistic community change maker and believes food and action are key ingredients to building connections and resiliency in communities. Check his blog on building a resilient Bridgewater.

Vincent Calderhead

Vincent Calderhead is a Senior Staff Counsel at Nova Scotia Legal Aid in Halifax where he has worked since 1986. He has internationally recognized expertise in the area of economic, social and cultural rights.  He is also a member of the part-time faculty at Dalhousie University Law School in Nova Scotia, Canada where he teaches an upper year course called Poverty Law and Human Rights.  Vince recently worked with members of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal on the re-drafting of that country’s constitution and, in particular, the provisions for the protection of social and economic rights.

Dr. Edith Callaghan

Dr. Edith Callaghan is an active volunteer in the area of bringing food security to Nova Scotia. She has assisted municipalities in developing capacity around planning for sustainability. She is a professor at Acadia University.

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron is fifteen years old and in grade ten at Citadel High in Halifax. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys singing in the school musical, biking around the city, playing the piano and guitar, playing basketball, and making friends with strangers. If you’re ever looking for Hannah, you’ll likely find her either at school, Common Roots Urban Farm, or the Adventure Earth Centre – a camp centre where she works and enjoys spending all her time! Someday Hannah hopes to be a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, somewhere in the world where she can really make a tangible difference healing people’s lives.

Natalie Chavarie 

Natalie Chavarie is the social entrepreneur spirit behind The Food Wolf.  Throughout her career in economic development policy with the federal government and in her community volunteer work (Imagine Bloomfield), Natalie has a nimble sense of how to navigate business for good.  The Food Wolf, started as an ‘open air eating club’, a community-driven and micro-financing dinner club, set in a backyard in the west end of Halifax.  One of the guiding values of the Food Wolf, as a social enterprise, is to use locally-sourced produce and meats.

Peter Darnell

Peter Darnell, owner and founder of Indian Point Mussels, has been responsibly farming native blue mussels in Mahone Bay since 1982. A member of the NS Aquaculture Association, as well as director of Slow Food NS, his years of experience and his interest in Good, Clean, and Fair food inform his point of view about what he sees and what he would like to see.

Deirdre Evans

Deirdre Evans is an avid urban gardener who has been helping schools and individuals grow vegetable gardens in HRM.       A dynamic, energetic, engaging leader with a strong vision for creating sustainable education in the areas of gardening, food, environment and  healthy living.   As owner of Urban Veggies, and blogger at www.urbangardener.ca,  she uses vegetable gardens as a tool to promote healthy, active lifestyles and build stronger local communities.

Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is the founder of Local Source Catering, Market & Bakery.  All three businesses feature local, seasonal, and an emphasis on clean and organic foods.  The North End market has become a community hub offering private cooking classes for seasonal cuisine, and group tours for students of all ages.  It also serves as a gathering place for many local agriculture based talks.

Beau Gillis

Beau Gillis of Freeport, Long Island, is one of the five founding fishermen members of ‘Off the Hook’, a fishermen’s coop formed in June 2010 and based in Digby County. They share a passion for fishing groundfish with a hook and line, and also fish lobster for part of the year.  Off the Hook Community Supported Fishery works from the Ecology Action Center to connect the co-operative to subscribing customers around Wolfville, Halifax, and Tatamagouche. Customers pay at the beginning of the summer season for weekly shares of haddock, hake, and cod. Check them out at  http://www.offthehookcsf.ca/

Seth Graham and Jessie Doyle

As co-founder and creative director, Seth handles all visual elements of the business including logo, packaging and label design, signage and branding. He also manages the company’s online presence, social media and marketing. He takes pride in operating a successful local business that brings health and happiness to others. He believes strongly in the connectedness of all life forms, and that food is our most powerful medicine. Jessie is currently studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist. As co-founder and “Head Chef” she manages recipe development and ensures optimal nutrition in our products. Her interest in food stems from in-depth knowledge of the effects that food has on our bodies, as well as environmental and animal rights issues.

Wendy Knowlton

Wendy Knowlton is the Executive Director of Family Matters Resource Centre, Annapolis County, NS, which provides programs for families. She is on the Management Team of the NS Participatory Food Costing projects and is active in the Annapolis Valley Anti-poverty Coalition.

Charles Levkoe

Charles Levkoe has been involved in community food security efforts for over 10 years and is currently completing his PhD in Geography at the University of Toronto. He has worked in various capacities with the Centre for Urban Health Initiatives, The Stop Community Food Centre, Peterborough Green-Up and other non-profit organizations across Canada. His interdisciplinary teaching, research and publishing bridge the fields of food systems, political and social geography, and environmental sustainability. Charles is currently leading a participatory research project that focuses on the growing food movement in Canada.

Wayne MacNaughton

Wayne MacNaughton is an anti-poverty activist who has been actively engaged for several years in raising awareness of poverty issues and solutions. He is an active member of the Community Advocates Network, founding member of the Community Society to End Poverty in Nova Scotia and currently sits on the national board of Canada Without Poverty as treasurer and Nova Scotia representative. He is a tenant and board member of Metro Non-Profit Housing Association and assists with MNPHA’s fundraising by being a public face of the Association through the United Way. He speaks today from the perspective of someone living poverty who struggles to maintain a healthy diet on a low income.

Rob MacNeish

Rob is the Outreach and Initiatives Coordinator for the  Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office  and is  coordinating for the Dalhousie Community garden and the Dalhousie Urban Gardening Society (DUGS),
This summer, he will be interning for Common Roots Urban Farm (CRUF) linking students to meaningful community engagement. Rob is also in the last year of  Double Major in Environmental/Social Sustainability  and International Development Studies. He’s been a professional cook for close to a decade and enjoys  all aspects food and nutrition:  the philosophies behind good healthy food, the food justice movement,  growing food, food as art etc. He’s getting ready to host  a series of  “pop up” dinners in Halifax with the intent on creating some space for discussion around  what good food does for communities.

Roxanne Manning

Roxanne Manning has been the Executive Director of Dartmouth Family Centre for 5 years. Carlee McDanial has worked at Dartmouth Family Centre for 12 years, first as a community home visitor and currently as Coordinator of In-Home Family Support. Deborah Dickey has  been with the Centre for 11 years in multiple roles, most recently as Coordinator of Capacity Building and Advocacy.

Nicole Marcoux, Loaded Ladle

The Loaded Ladle is a non-profit, open cooperative of students and community members dedicated to providing affordable, diverse, fresh, and healthy food to as many people as possible. We aim to tackle the unjust global food system by providing a local alternative. The Loaded Ladle gives students the option to determine what food they eat and how it is produced through participation in our non-hierarchical and consensus-based decision making process.

Marine Issues Group (Ecology Action Centre)

The Marine Issues Group at the Ecology Action Center, Halifax, works locally, nationally, and internationally towards conserving and protecting marine ecosystems and maintaining sustainable fisheries and vibrant coastal communities. One of their projects is to provide the public interface for the Off the Hook community supported fishery.  http://www.ecologyaction.ca/content/marine

Jayme Melrose

Jayme Melrose eats, grows and wears plants while coordinating the many awesome partners and collaborators of Common Roots Urban Farm.

Su Morin
Community Food Coordinator (Cumberland).  Su was raised on a small family farm in Southern Ontario.  She hold Honours Bachelor’s degrees in in Human Kinetics and Sociology from the University of Windsor, ON, where she developed a strong commitment to environmentalism and social justice.  As a recent addition to our EAC Food Committee staff, Su brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in organic gardening, community garden development and community food security work.  Some of her favourite things in life include music, being in nature, seed saving, growing food and flowers.

Nourish Nova Scotia (TBD)

Nourish NS is a newly formed organization Our vision is for all Nova Scotia children and youth to be well nourished so they can live, learn and play. By working together to support local programs, advocating for nutritional well‐being, and leveraging financial supports, Nourish believes the vision is possible.

Josh Oulton

Josh Oulton grew up farming, went to the NS Agriculture College where he met Patricia Bishop who also grew up farming. Now they and their 3 kids, along with a fantastic farm crew, make up the family of TapRoot Farms. The passion for agriculture  instilled in them is being passed to their children, Izaak, Lily, and Frank. In 2010, Josh and Patricia were Atlantic Canada’s outstanding young farmers of the year. Their commitment to the local food movement includes providing fresh, delicious food and being active in the community.   Josh has been active in ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network), serving as president in 2012.

Park Avenue Community Oven

The Park Avenue Community Oven (PACO) is a wood fired clay oven built during the summer of 2012 adjacent to the Dartmouth Common Community Gardens.  The intent of the oven is to provide an inclusive venue to gather in our neighbourhood in order to build community through preparing and sharing of food. Throughout the fall of 2012, while we got to know our oven, PACO hosted popular Open Oven days which took the form of informal pot luck gatherings. This season, while continuing our casual and spontaneous gatherings around the fire, PACO is working to develop community partnerships to host events and programming focused on healthy eating and food skills.

Jason Pelley

Jason Pelley was born in Montreal but has spent most of his life in the Maritimes and identifies as a Nova Scotian. His considerable experience in the field of sustainability includes work with NGO’s, post-secondary institutions, as an executive in the green construction industry as a LEED building consultant, and with various UN-related activities including acting as a Chair for a United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs panel. His passion for cities means that Jason has spent much of his life exploring cities around the world and meeting the people that make them unique. Ironically it was this enthusiasm for urban areas that brought him to farming. Jason has developed a strong desire to help grow local food systems and ensure the health of rural areas that exist mutually with the cities that they feed. In his spare time he is an avid urban golfer, long boarder, traveler, reader and writer.

Lorrie Rand

Lorrie believes people should eat real food. While being active in the local food community for over ten years as a volunteer with the Grainery Food Co-operative and TapRoot Farms CSA, Lorrie became involved in PACO through a professional interest in natural building and a primal love of fire. Now that the oven is built, she is sticking around for the food.

Ali Shaver

Ali moved to the east side of the harbour a little over a year ago and has been slowly falling for life in Dartmouth ever since. When she’s not working as a community planner, she spends her time exploring her new neighbourhood, fixing up her house and experimenting with different recipes at the Park Avenue Community Oven.  Ali is most interested in exploring new and awesome community partnership opportunities for PACO.

Av Singh

Av Singh works predominantly with organic and small-scale farmers on issues of production processing, and marketing of agricultural goods. Av emphasizes farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange and works towards revitalizing rural communities through increasing social capital. Av is also committed to community development and inclusion, work with communities on a range of initiatives to enhance community food security.

Shaani and Kaia Singh

Film Producers: This is the 3rd film by teenage sisters, Shaani (17) and Kaia Singh (15). Their first film, Fair Trade TV (2010)has been incorporated into the NS High School Curriculum and their second film, Where the Waters Meet (2011) was the recipient of the Slow Motion Food Film Festival.

Patricia Vanaman

Patricia Vanaman lives in Eastern Shelburne and is a social justice advocate, working with women, those living in low-income community on community development issues. She is a member of the Tri-County Local Food Network and is passionate about gardening, community engagement, and all things food related. She’s currently also a member of the Shelburne SEEDS working to understand community food security in the area.

Dr. Alan Warner

Dr. Alan Warner has designed numerous award-winning experiential environmental education programs in partnership with the HRM Adventure Earth Centre, involving more than 60,000 children and youth. He has lived and worked with the Van Gujjars, Nomadic herders in the Indian Himalayas. He has also designed a residential mental health treatment program for women offenders which has been implemented in women’s penitentiaries across Canada. Warner co-founded and lives in a small intentional community which includes an organic farm and a sustainably managed woodlot.

Dr. Patty Williams

Patty Williams has as been working collaboratively with community, government and academic partners to address the issue of food security for over 10 years. She is the Director of the Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) at Mount Saint Vincent University and has a passion for community engagement, action, and policy change.

Marjorie Willison

Marjorie Willison has been a community activist in food issues for many years. Her early focus was on teaching individuals how to grow food. She then expanded her passion to consider the role of groups and institutions in community food security, with a focus in Spryfield where she lives, and how to engage community in effecting policy change.


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