Moving to Action

Questions Raised

Attracting Young Farmers

Food Security v Community Food Security

Food and Culture

Increasing Knowledge and Involvement in Smaller Areas

Inclusivity in the Food Movement

Linking Income Security to Food Security

Supporting the Changes Led By the Consumer Co-producer

What Actions Do We Need to Take Now to Mobilize the Food Movement at the Government Level?

What is the Role of the Food Label in a Sustainable Food System?

What Will We Do to Achieve a Food Charter in HRM?

Where is Effort Most Needed?

Actions Moved

Community Garden Development in Wolfville NS

Exploring Mainstream and Alternative Distribution Mechanisms and Methods

Facilitate and Nurtture a Food Charter for HRM: Food Charter Working Group of NSFSN

Host Food Secure Canada 2014

National Media Campaign to Educate and Share About Food Security in Celebration

Promotion of Film: Mama Milk

School Gardens and Teaching Youth to Cook

Small-scale Farmers’ Market in Bedford, NS

Stable Investment

Urban Farming Co-op of Personal Growers Sharing Surplus Produce and Land


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