48 Responses


Overall Average rating – 8.2/10. Most of responses were between 7-10 with a only 3 on the lower side.

Content Highlight- Everything was mentioned! Different people loved different parts with workshops, content, moving ideas to action, dinner, and network all being mentioned a lot.

Logistics Highlight- Food! Lots of positive responses on great food.

Anything else Highlight- Organizers and Volunteers, Graffiti wall, timeline and other poster displays, and the Saturday Morning Talk Show!

Content Lowlight- Not enough action, too many good choices happening at the same time so people couldn’t attend every session, and mixed reviews of amount of discussion time.

Logistics Lowlight- Parking, and not having the program beforehand, not having farmers present because of time of year, some complaints of room size.

Anything Else Lowlight- Mixed bag of only a few responses. Farmers and First Nations not being included was mentioned.

Content for Next Time Changes- More time for presentations, location to outside of HRM, couldn’t see all content sessions.

Logistics for Next Time Changes- Timing switch to 1.5 days over Friday and Saturday, Parking, Location should be rural.

Anything Else for Next Time Changes- More diverse (including mainstream players) present, more frequent gatherings (every one or two years), identifiers on name tags (Name and Organization)

Overall How much do you identify as part of the food movement- Average was 8.7/10. All responses were between 7 and 10.

Did this gathering contribute to moving the food movement forward?- Yes, A lot of answers about networking and keeping these ideas and conversations going and turning them into action. Also some negative responses about not bringing together the right people and the impossibility to make real change happen.

Anything Else- Lots of Thank yous to organizers, volunteers, MCs, and facilitators!

From the Graffiti Wall on Conference Questions

What are your hopes for the Conference (Before)?- Networking, Bring plans to Action, Learning (policies, NS Food movement), to see where we’re at.

During (Thoughts, Ideas, Questions?)- Great Energy! How can we include more farmers? How will be bring this together into a strong movement? How do we keep momentum and connected? What do we need to let go of? How do we nourish these dedicated folks who move the food movement?

After(What are you leaving with?)- The want to keep the discussion going. Direction, hope and gratitude. A better understanding and appreciation of this work, and how to help my community! Hope, a lot of ideas and positive projects that are out there.


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